The EuroWABB project is a new initiative, funded by the EU under the Framework 7 e-Health programme, to investigate Rare Diabetes namely Wolfram, Alstom and Bardet Biedl.

This European Rare Diabetes registry, developed by the National e-Science Centre based at the University of Glasgow, is central to the project within the EuroWABB project and provides a means of connecting the research centres and the clinical centres within a Virtual Research Environment (VRE).

Rules and Responsibilities

Use of the registry is subject to certain rules and responsibilities constituting fair usage and protecting the rights of patients whose details are contained within the registry, as well as the clinicians. In summary these include:

Standard Operating Procedures

The EuroWABB Registry has developed the following documents to guide the use of the Registry. Please read them carefully


The following actions can be completed using the registry:


For any technical queries about the registry please contact EuroWabb Admin.

For any clinical queries about the information in the Registry please contact Prof. Timothy Barrett.


For more information about the EuroWABB Programme, please see the main project site: EuroWABB